Our Team

Chelsea McGehee


Successfully building large followings from the ground up on both Snapchat and Instagram, Chelsea McGehee is a true entrepreneur in many facets. While starting her own travel snap channel where she was compensated to create personalized and organic ads for businesses and services abroad, Chelsea also participated in social media marketing and growth consulting for tech mogul Justin Kan. In addition to this, Chelsea was an ambassador for many large brands such as Chubbies Shorts, Ethika, Ultimate Ears, Laser Away, Young and Reckless, etc. She obtained a double bachelors in French and Art History and used her knowledge of multi media, marketing and social networking as leverage to launch a luxury sleepwear brand for women, Elle Me Dit, designed and produced entirely in San Francisco under ethical working conditions. She is a true advocate for woman empowerment and equal rights.

Carrie LaChance

Carrie LaChance is a savvy marketing entrepreneur. She launched her first successful multimedia production company at just age 19.
Fox news once described Carrie as a "walking, talking billboard, which helps explain how she amassed her large social media following of over 3 million.
Carrie has become an astounding ambassador for many global entities as well as becoming one of the most influential pin-up models known worldwide.
Carrie uses her extensive skill set to help mentor and guide other upcoming female models and entrepreneurs as they pursue their own dreams.

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Scott Edward Staniland


A young professional model based in London, having worked on campaigns with brands such as Estée Lauder, Giorgio Armani, BBC and Filippo Loreti to name a few. Scott pursued University and achieved a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Public health and Life sciences. Scott was recently awarded an honorary member of his University Union for his commitment to the governance of the board of trustees during his time as Vice President of sports and wellbeing. During his university career, Scott also set up multiple successful business ventures alongside his studies. Being on the founding team behind UKFootPool and running an extremely popular, high-end personal shopping business targeted at overseas Chinese students. He is a keen public speaker and often presented lectures on reflection and personal development at the No.1 Modern University in the UK. After being offered a fully funded PhD studentship in education, Scott has also decided to pursue his entrepreneurial nature with DateMe.

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Marta Suchanek


Marta balances her career as a marketer and growth hacker with occasional modelling. Since graduating in 2009, she has been a highly driven marketer, with strengths in business growth and digital marketing.

With a versatile skillset, her career has seen several successes in online marketing, fashion, beauty, and now in Law.

Marta grows your business, with a laser focus on revenues. She is as comfortable planning a strategy as she is when rolling up her sleeves and executing it. There is no task to small and no challenge too great for her to take it on.

Christian Bolling

Head Of Business Development/Investor Relations

Christian Bolling is a digital asset consultant and tech investor with a vast background in digital media marketing/social growth hacking. His passion for cryptocurrency stems from his passion of reaching those who currently do not have access to financial services. He has an immense focus and understanding on liquidation strategies for sizable cryptocurrency block trades. Branching into structuring deals within financial institutions, hedge funds, and family offices, he gained profound knowledge and relationships in market strategies as well as negotiation. Christian will be launching his own crypto fund that looks to invest in ICO's along with existing blockchain technology companies mainly focused in interoperability, decentralization, and reverse ICO solutions.

Ezibella Ilenia Welsh

Head Of Influencer Marketing

Ezibella has been involved in marketing for the last five years, holding the role of marketing director at OnlyFans. Here she helped to the grow the business to the level of what it is now, while also having substantial involvement in the recruitment of influencers and development she was able to help shape the future for OnlyFans. In addition to this Ezibella also worked as an SEO specialist and social media manager for numerous other companies including DeliveryCode and Land Rover. She's a true advocate for the people and believes that for a business to be successful, it needs to have happy clients and good standing relationships within the business world!

Ankur Agarwal

Director of Sales And Marketing

Ankur is a serial internet entrepreneur and cryptocurrency advocate. He has 15+ years under his belt in the internet and business opportunity space.

Ankur was also an early adopter of bitcoin, during this phase, he became highly fascinated by the opportunity that the technology could bring to the forefront of his current business focal points. Based in Dubai, he now travels globally consulting multiple blockchain projects, investing into real estate and informing the masses about the advantages of cryptocurrency.

In addition to this Ankur is a best selling author and has written 2 books, both of which are self-published on Amazon. He brings very robust marketing strategies and psychology to the DateMe team.

Eric Taylor

Director Of Cybersecurity/Fraud Prevention

Eric Taylor, aka Cosmo The God, is a cybersecurity researcher specializing in Information Security, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, SocialEngineering, and Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Prior to his role at Dateme, Eric served as Chief Technology Officer of Cinder Cyber Security, as well as Chief Information Security Officer at VIRAL, a Celebrity Talent & Advertising Agency. Eric has been an active investor in the crypto world since the dawn of Bitcoin. He possesses sophisticated levels of expertise in the realm of press, public relations, and media, along with bringing top talent to Dateme.

Eric has notably appeared exclusively on Wired, TechCrunch, CNBC, CNN, Vice, BuzzFeed, PBS, Washington Post, Gawker, and several other mainstream media outlets.

Sarah Louise

Sales Director, UK

Sarah Louise is a UK based online entrepreneur. Leveraging social media platform Facebook to share her expertise on attraction marketing and branding to educate and inspire others worldwide to succeed online.
This has enabled Sarah Louise to create the laptop lifestyle and travel and share her entrepreneurial journey on both Facebook and Instagram to build a loyal following.

Manas Agarwal

A.I. Lead

Manas is a proven professional in the area of digital transformation for large global organizations. With over 4 years experience, Manas provides leadership which emphasizes both creative vision and disciplined delivery.

He combines his background in engineering and automation to develop a keen understanding of modern marketing and AI platforms such as Adobe Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Blockchain, TensorFlow and a myriad of other platforms contributing value to DateMe. His core approach is directed on three focal capabilities; value, agility and creativity. As a core value architect, he helps us develop solutions that make sense from a customer's perspective.

Sana Siddiqui

UI/UX developer

Sana joined our team during the summer of 2016 as a UI/UX intern and was hired on at the end of summer as a UI/UX developer. Today, Sana is at the front of all of our UI/UX design projects including websites and corporate branding.

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Qi Zeng

Sales Director, (China) / Linguist

Qi has a knack for marketing and brand relations stemming from the Asian markets. She has had the honour of connecting massive Asian entities to the likes of celebrities such as Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner. She has also assisted McLaren (China) with their marketing strategies while spending a significant amount of her travels abroad in Shangai.

Prateek Singh

Full Stack (MEAN) Developer

Prateek knows every nook and cranny of MEAN stack roadmap and thus, is infinitely capable of developing fast, complex web applications, websites and API's which aids in transforming our website into an effective, high-performing and dexterous business.

Parth Oberoi

Blockchain Developer

Parth is an experienced Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the technology sector of corporations like Whalecoin and BitcoinPrime.
Skilled in Blockchain development, Trading Strategies, Python, Solidity, C++, Golang, Big Data, Apache Kafka, and Natural Language Processing, Parth brings an extensive knowledge of Blockchain Technology, IOT, & Software Development to the DateMe Team.

Garrett Bradley

Content creator

Telling the stories of people and brands is what Garrett Bradley does. Whether you're a budding tech startup looking to claim a stake in the market or a hip hop legend that needs the best content to represent your brand(s) Garrett successfully tailors content to maximize the impact of your trans media agenda.
With a bachelors in multimedia communications from Academy of Art University Garrett is extremely proficient with the Adobe Creative Suit regularly delivering projects created in Premier, after effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse, Audition, XD and more. Garrett has worked with industry leading companies like GoPro, Redbull, Bloom Farms, and iconic stars like Puff Daddy, Cam Meekins, Shwayze and Boy George.

Jyoti Prakash

Senior Executive [Application Development]

He is a perfect technologist who understands business as well. An experienced Tech Genius who has Experienced in delivering the widest range of technology projects including web development, cross-platform app development, infrastructure consulting and migration, technology up-gradation, CMS development, framework development etc. and more to deliver projects deemed impossible by more experienced veterans. Mentor & Inspiration to multiple tech teams, He fosters a perfect blend of business & technology to DateMe.